We leave the shop at 6:30, so try to get here a little early to get your personal gear ready.

If everything goes to plan we will be floating down river at 6:45.  We float till about 7:45 dusk.

Have a nice fire on the bank then continue down stream at some point to be at Landing anytime from 9 to 1030.

Families with kids usually want to end early around that 9 o’clock time frame while others prefer to enjoy the night and fire and water until 1030. You decide when we get out there when you want to come in.

Wear water shoes or shoes that can get wet and bug spray if bugs bother you.

All kayaks have room for a small 12 pack cooler, so you are welcome to bring beverages of choice and snacks.

If we are shuttling your boat, please arrive by 6pm.

Beginning June 4th 

6:30pm-9:30 pm

$35 per person for rentals

​$35 per person for shuttles